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CD-Runner LogoBlending Art & Technology - CD/DVD/Media Player, Ripper, Media Server, Database+

CD-Runner is designed to automatically identify and play media of all types, from Audio CD to MP3 and FLAC. It also rips CDs, plays Internet Radio, MP3 CDs and DVD movies, automatically downloads CD info from the freedb online, and a lot more...


Latest News:

14-Apr-2018  New CD-Runner 2018.00 now available!

                    ...Full Windows 10 and 4K Support+  complete list of new features

01-Apr-2018  Download latest freedb database using ftp or http

01-Feb-2018  Online freedb database exceeds 3.7 million entries

01-Feb-2018  New CD-Runner skins available!

01-Feb-2018  ...check out the latest awards - ZDNet 5 Stars / Editors' Pick Awards & Reviews

CD-Runner includes Car, Home Stereo, Compact, TouchPad and Ribbon (minimized) style graphical faceplates. The home stereo faceplates are designed to look like a real home hi-fi CD and DVD player, while the smaller car stereo faceplate is designed to look like a real unit that you would find in a car. The Portable faceplate is designed to look like a generic MP3 player. The new TouchPad faceplate is designed to look like a generic computer tablet, and includes full and small sizes. All faceplates are highly customizable and may be toggled between as you are playing music or watching movies. Full support is also provided for the freedb and any other CDDB compatible database, which allows you to automatically download and submit Audio CD information (artist & album titles, song titles, liner notes, etc.) online. You can also research over 3 million Audio CDs with the latest Disc Library.


Check out the new CD Ripper! Use the CD Ripper to rip your favorite Audio CD tracks into WAV, MP3, Ogg or WMA format, with fully automated MP3 ID3v1 & ID3v2 and Ogg tagging and viewing. The new Media Server allows you to play all multimedia files on any drive or network location, with fast scanning and iPod import features. A Parametric or Graphic Equalizer is available to help tame computer speaker response problems, with lots of preset modes & features. Also check out the new Internet Radio with Streaming MP3, MP2, MP1, Ogg, WAV (including Shoutcast, Icecast & Icecast2) support.


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